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BlackPrototype - 8 minutes ago

I'm scrolling through propping all the wisdom I see. So far this Monday morning seems bright and everyone appears to be in motivated and in good spirits. Great job Black Planet Community!

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Bloody_Fat_Cow - 30 minutes ago

“Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.” Author John C. Maxwell...

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CheyLa76 - 35 minutes ago

Don't know much about history, Don't know much biology Don't know much about a science book, Don't know much about the french I took But I do know that I love you, And I know that if you love me, too, What a wonderful world this would be- Sam Cooke

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CARGASMTV - 45 minutes ago

Husband (watching a video): Don't do it! I swear you gonna regret it for the rest of your life. You stupid idiot! Don't say yes. No! No! NOOO!! Aw dang, he actually did it! What a dumb **! Wife: Honey, why you so mad? What'aya watching? Husband: Our wedding ceremony.

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qualiJames125 - 51 minutes ago

Be careful how happy u are, around unhappy people.....📝

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inluvwithguam - 53 minutes ago

In the next life I hope I get to hold your hand and call you mine... WML

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NC_QUEEN1966 - 58 minutes ago

Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles. It takes away today's peace.

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Im_That_Girl82 - 58 minutes ago

Get on your **...stay on your **...stay out of ** and don't tell ppl **

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LIONCHARM - 1 hour ago

GM why does it seem or is it just me cant be. That sistas make it seem like all men not good enough for them u go on all these site u see ,not on for games not on for sex not on looking for someone with baby momma dram not into F &%@ boys what ever that means not into somebody with no car not into a fat man not into this or that dam go Build a Bear

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teeboz2 - 1 hour ago

A WOMAN CANNOT BE YOUR PEACE IF YOU AREN’T HERS !!!!!!stop expecting peace from a woman when all you give her is problems. Do right by a good woman & she’ll do right by you. She go through ** just like you do. Give that same peace & support that you’re asking for

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Sweettea37ky - 1 hour ago

Went into family dollar to buy 1 itam for $1.00 but I also had a $5.00 dollar bill in my hand and all I asked for was change for a 5 she lied to my face and said she didn't have enough ones I said ok! White customer standing behind me asked her for change for a 10 she gives him 10 ones! I was heated and said but I thought you said you didn't here e...

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Tylerwills4love - 1 hour ago

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it 😇#MondayMotivation😎

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SomethingVerySpecial - 1 hour ago

The fact that I’m back to dating and having to start all over again getting to know someone trying to trust them really bothers me

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living_free4Me81 - 1 hour ago

Note to Self: Don't tell em, just show em...

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Unquiely-Me - 1 hour ago

I'm getting too old to try to impress people. Either they like me the way I am, or they don't. And that's okay with me.👌🏿👌🏿🤷🏽‍♀️

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raionhato - 1 hour ago

fastest time of my day. that hour before I get to work. it just wont stretch

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MissEj98 - 1 hour ago

Good morning BP! Today is Monday, don’t let it be bigger than you!

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AboveavgJoe - 1 hour ago

Today God, help us to not spend all our time & energy on things that are temporary: like possessions, positions & power: above spending time with YOU & our loved ones while we still can!!!

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decatur77 - 1 hour ago

Can somebody please turn this damn heat down

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Danaijia2 - 1 hour ago

People need to take accountability for what they do and quit pointing the fingers at others

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