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Dzastre - 15 minutes ago

Seriously, is there not an age, wherein, you should STOP using filters on your photos: STOP taking bathroom mirror photos (in a bloody filthy bathroom): STOP posing with duck lips?!?! Maybe age 18!?!? These are “regal” acts, fit for a queen?

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ugarcia07 - 21 minutes ago

Women are bigger hoes than men nowadays. A woman will never be truly's just your turn.

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DupeDogg89 - 27 minutes ago

Man a lot has changed since the last time I’ve been on here

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SLAPDOG51 - 28 minutes ago

CHRISTIANS, Like I Said, Our Heavenly Father Has Taught, Told And Shown Me Well, He Did Not Pour His SPIRIT Out In Me So That He Couldn't Teach, Tell And Show Me, But So He Could Teach, Tell And Show Me...And Guess What, He Isn't Finished Teaching, Telling Me And Showing Me...And I Get Down On These Knees, Head Bowed And Eyes Closed Thanking Him Fo...

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thick_cutechick - 31 minutes ago

so sleepy but still want to do ** tonight lol

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hubbytype_ - 33 minutes ago

How is everybody’s Sunday going ?

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ChicagoRV - 35 minutes ago

I met this chick off tagged last night and i bought her a drink and i had my my drink and charger in her car and when i went in my house to get some weed she pulled off off with both drinks and blocked me. her name MIZZPHATPHAT on tagged

thunderivy84 - 35 minutes ago

I think people are in such a rush to settle down that they forget how important it is to be friends before you become partners.

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SunshineLuuv - 37 minutes ago

If your child is insulting another child for not wearing name brand shoes and clothes, you have failed as a parent.

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BlackPrototype - 40 minutes ago

Don't let people and their lies they live, become the lies you live!

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TWINTSJ29 - 46 minutes ago

I’m not perfect, but I’m worth it.

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init4meyelse - 46 minutes ago

I’m not interested in helping you with your visa or green card.

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SLAPDOG51 - 46 minutes ago

Neckbones And Collard Greens, Turkey Necks And Pinto Beans, And Cornbread...If My Momma Was Here I Wouldn't Want To Slap Her...But I Am About To Go Outside And Slap Somebody...Friday After Next!!!

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JerseyGreeneyes - 50 minutes ago

I need a little more weekend, please. Thank you!

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angel4black45 - 51 minutes ago

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Even Mondays.

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Queen-febe - 54 minutes ago

Don't you just love it when songs can describe exactly how your feeling?

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sweet_black_kim - 55 minutes ago

Letting Anita Baker sing to my soul right now...Up Next...''You Bring Me Joy''🎹

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archiearchie - 56 minutes ago

People did you live your life (mainly morally), better than your parents, the same or did you downgrade from the life your parents provided for you? I upgraded my life morally and did more career wise. Family hasn't happened, but I have a really solid foundation to build on, thanks to Jesus. Still building on greatness w/ God.

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PoeticRod - 1 hour ago

Some boys actually do grow and become men. Just because you haven't met one yet doesn't mean they don't exist.

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Monique1969md - 1 hour ago

these allergies are making me puff up in the face and eyes wtf can't wait for winter to get here

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