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niccarican1 - 4 minutes ago

For all those who are stressed out on the job, just remember that a bad day at a job is better than a good day of umemployment.

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thunderivy84 - 12 minutes ago

Don't underestimate the power of a good support system. Sometimes we need people to remind us who we are when we have lost all hope.

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crazycee1988 - 14 minutes ago


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Ray63275 - 16 minutes ago

We ain't saved to be silent... use your power to empower... #MakeBlavkAmericaGreatAgain

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2taul - 24 minutes ago

Your Apology needs to be just as LOUD🗣 as that Disrespect WAS!!👿...

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Beauty76293 - 28 minutes ago

KINGS dont play games, JOKERS DO!!

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sterile - 30 minutes ago

If a person sees no wrong in what they did, if they continually defend, validate or excuse it. It is a clear indication that it will, without a doubt, happen again.

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Ny_Honey212 - 40 minutes ago

Good Afternoon 😃

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PrettyAsia3940 - 42 minutes ago

up and trying to focus..Good Day

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cuadude345 - 46 minutes ago

Russian attack to elect Donald Trump targeted Black People. What does that say about how the world view us? It is time we begin to change the narrative and show them we are Kings and Queens. #beinformed #vote #beeducated #stepupmypeople

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junebugs17 - 47 minutes ago

Be wise enough to listen what a person is not saying ...

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purekarma35 - 47 minutes ago

Hmm how do you get rid of a person's spirit... .I'm definitely not his sole.👹

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latinflavorwoman - 50 minutes ago

Excited about seeing my family in a couple of days. Metric Engineering is giving its employees 2 weeks off with pay.

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thunderivy84 - 54 minutes ago

An Empty Spot In Your Bed Is Better Than Having The Wrong Spirit Laying In It❣💯🤷🏽‍♀️

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Mrmanmd - 59 minutes ago

Trump kills me, he gonna shut the government down cause the dems won’t pay for the wall🤔🤔didn’t he say Mexico’s paying for it🙄🙄 Then reality kicked in and said the Mexicans paying for the wall is like having a robber pay for your damn security system🤔🤣😂🤣😂

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KingOmega11 - 59 minutes ago

Stay potent never water yourself down because people can't handle your unique splendor. Keep yourself 100 proof.

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mzlyrik - 1 hour ago

I’ve been gettin a lot of WHITE/LATINO MEN (lately) that are “Upset” at the fact that i only date BLACK men... wtf is that about, am i not allowed to LOVE THY SELF? Lol

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simply_complex_24 - 1 hour ago

there’s a lot of negativity in this world, but on the flip side it allows you to see the positive more clearly, shows the value in it. ♉️

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MrSnickers33 - 1 hour ago

Hope everyone having a good Monday so far

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Ashley1686 - 1 hour ago

Pregnant ** be wetter cos the baby crying

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