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honestlyme80 - 14 minutes ago

I'm officially taken ...

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trinahobley - 16 minutes ago

black people see how white people treat black people like ** and they stand by and do nothing

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worlboss1 - 17 minutes ago

I have a question today is verbal abuse against men more accepted than verbal abuse against women?

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CerSurgNurFirAsst - 21 minutes ago

Hello, How was your day ?

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LYNN_740OH - 24 minutes ago

Just because he moved on doesn't mean he moved up sometimes men settle for less to that ** goes both ways

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SCHYNNA2 - 31 minutes ago

good evening all have a good night

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DickSlinger - 31 minutes ago

Dear White Women, no, I don't want your Cave Dwelling, Knuckle Dragging, Doberman Pinscher Smelling, Skin Peeling, Melanin Deficient asses!! I'm good with the Sistars!!

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BigRed279 - 33 minutes ago

A message to my haters: thank you, you have helped me more than you know to become who I am today!

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esscence101 - 33 minutes ago

In need of a FEMALE playmate... serious inquiries only lol

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KindofBlackRob - 35 minutes ago

Look, if you have pigeon toe ''model's pictures with bull** screenshots of text message money flips bull** on your page, or if you have pictures of ''models'' with injected asses and artificial surgeries, please, swan drive into a bed of dry concrete. But don't die. Just be severely injured. Thanks.

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Deetulip - 37 minutes ago

Celebrating my Birthday having an awesome day!

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PoeticRod - 41 minutes ago

Deadbeat dads get the cool baby mothers while standup fathers get the baby mama from hell.

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marcee40 - 41 minutes ago


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Honeydippmd1 - 47 minutes ago

Hello just on her Chillin, Whats going on BP.

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REACTIVATION_SERIES - 47 minutes ago

If you have a talent, please share it, it's not only for you it's for your family, your neighbors, your community, your nation

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RockStarr11 - 47 minutes ago

What I'm bringing to the table ....My Favorite Plate/ Spoon, & Tater Salid.... hahaha!!!

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RESPECT_ALL23 - 47 minutes ago

I don't want ever wanna understand pple with HARD HEARTS next thing you know you'll be walking thru their struggles bc of their own INNER negative baggage. smh

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dorianbasiltry - 51 minutes ago

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much wealth you have if you don't have piece of mind it's a waste of money. Get your character right and then whether you are monetarily rich or poor you'll be alright, you'll be able to adapt. Be content in any state you're in. The things you see won't be here forever. The things you don't see, lik...

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8255_Favor - 54 minutes ago

MyCreator, Your Word Says you Have Not, Bcoz You ASK NOT.. I ask that YOU TAKE Any Negative wants/desires In me THAT don't align With YOUR Plan for MY LIFE! Amen!

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8255_Favor - 56 minutes ago


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