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100percent_Gentlemen - 21 minutes ago

There are decisions that a person makes within their life that effects other people positively or negatively. Some people literally can't and DON'T think wisely or ahead. This is 1 of the many things to confirm BEFORE committing to a person for a relationship. #Maturity

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jabulascaa - 5 hours ago

If you find it difficult to sustain a relationship in real life , how can you do it in social media

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Shataya - 9 hours ago

@ work having a debate w/my coworkers.....The question of the nite...Are people in a relationship w/their other half or their cell phone? Inquiring minds would like to know.....🤔

Beauty_within27 - 9 hours ago

if u expecting to lose friends, respect, and masculinity in a marriage, then u not being smart by not marrying her, ur dumb as hell for even being in a relationship wit her at all. If she's an asset, then u don't lose money, money flips wit her involvement, u don't lose ur sex life, u lose ur thot life and stop dealing with random **, & choose ...

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CreativeJunkie - 10 hours ago

It's one thing to keep your relationship private and then there's another thing to keep it a secret, pay attention and know the difference.

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So_Chi - 10 hours ago

if I'm in a relationship with you,you better at least post one post about me I'm on here talking about me girl this and my girl that and at the end of the day I ain't got one

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Phase-1-NYC - 11 hours ago

seriously to all you bp **es if you not looking for a relationship and trying to ** stay off my page thank you

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dawuda12 - 13 hours ago

girls choose your men wisely. pickup a man that is dying to be with you .and someone that is willing to hear about you all the time with that you can have long lasting relationship

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PoeticRod - 14 hours ago

Your relationship is headed in the wrong direction when your needs turn into wants. via @EmotionsOfLove

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Matthew_Lynch - 15 hours ago

Hope I get to meet a serious minded woman on here who wants to have a true nd serious relationship....

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Niceguycursed - 15 hours ago

I knew a lady with a history of broken relationships who felt she was qualified to finally give me relationship advice when she acquired a new relationship. After a few month's she was back at square one. My point is it's easy for someone to experiment and test you out without actually considering anything longterm. Humble yourselves even when thin...

GeekyB - 16 hours ago

QUESTION: Could you have a buisness relationship with someone that you have dated or been intimate with and your mate DID NOT approve of and really had bad feelings towards? Like this decision can have your family set up for the next 10 years or better but your mate is against it...what should you do in this scenario???

100percent_Gentlemen - 18 hours ago

A man and a woman are most beneficial for each other within a committed relationship when BOTH individuals have mature and balanced minds. That way they can help enhance one another rather than to tear each other down. #PersonalDevelopment #Maturity

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TheRightOne38 - 19 hours ago

Don't allow people outside your relationship to come in between you and the person you love most

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twotones8166 - 19 hours ago

5 rules of a relationship: 1. Stay faithful. 2. Make them feel wanted. 3. Respect your partner. 4. Don't flirt with others. 5. Make time.

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TexasCruiser52 - 20 hours ago

could be your last relationship failed....not because you failed to get to know him or her BUT you failed to know thy self.

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sweetclit25 - 21 hours ago

A healthy relationship must ultimately be based on trust. To build trust, you always keep your word. You remain consistent and dependable in everything you say and do. You become the kind of team player who is utterly reliable in every situation. You never do or say anything that can shake this foundation of trust upon which a healthy relationship ...

Dallas4Lyfe203 - 22 hours ago

My relationship with my Creator grows stronger everyday...yesterday I cried grateful tears - no one ever thought I’d make it this far in life and here I am shining and **. I am humbled that he loves me so much! #GodIsGreat #HappyByChoice #MyFaithCompletesMe 😁🙏🏼

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