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broadstbulle - 6 minutes ago

You cant pose for a sexy picture, then throw dog ears and a rabbit nose on and still expect it to be sexy....jus cant lol

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theother99percent - 9 minutes ago

Don't be ignorant this early in the morning. before my coffee.

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100percent_Gentlemen - 16 minutes ago

There are decisions that a person makes within their life that effects other people positively or negatively. Some people literally can't and DON'T think wisely or ahead. This is 1 of the many things to confirm BEFORE committing to a person for a relationship. #Maturity

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Cherylrenee_73 - 20 minutes ago

DON'T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF!!! Good morning y'all.

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lyne302 - 28 minutes ago

Real transformation happened after my old pattern of thinking and speaking was completely intercepted and replaced with the truth .

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BrownButterfly29 - 38 minutes ago

Thank God it’s Friday. Let my weekend begin. Have a blessed day everybody.

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Butterflyy_Diva - 40 minutes ago

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! Happy Friday!Count your blessings, not your troubles!!!πŸ’•

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Nerdy314 - 45 minutes ago

I didn't even know it was payday. was trying to figure out if I was going to spend my last check this weekend or not. but both my checks are in my account. $$$ what am I to do but keep stacking? I don't go shopping. I make enough in tips to pay all bills and eat. a few grand saved? I'm buying property!

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bklynlezbian - 55 minutes ago

β€œLife shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.”

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cnote1245 - 57 minutes ago

i dont like how bp changed the view of this sight,how do you notify bp directly

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sweet_black_kim - 1 hour ago

I hope this Friday is good to you Guys & Gals!😊

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babegirl4everINdy - 1 hour ago

GM everyone...may you have a blessed and wonderful the name of Jesus

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KLMSONNY - 1 hour ago

GM. When doing a good deed for someone, do it from your heart. Don't do it just so you can Bragg about and bring shame to the person you helped. There's no blessing in that. Have a Blessed Day BP

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fada1980 - 1 hour ago

hmmmm.... blk ppl..lord come in.

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Von_thehotgirl47 - 1 hour ago

Be a leader not a follower all your life at some point you have to trust yourself enough that you know what your doing.

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mrwhofl - 1 hour ago

Psalm 118:24 New King James Version (NKJV) 24 This is the day the Lord has made: We will rejoice and be glad in it.

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Blackeneselady1 - 1 hour ago

Decided to go pursue my PhD as soon as possible! Spoke it! Now time to do it!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€©πŸ™πŸΎ

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Mr4Gplan - 1 hour ago

Everyday I wake up with the same goal and that is to know Jesus Christ more. Am I the only one?

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Danaijia2 - 1 hour ago

just because your a mom thats single dont mean that the father isnt playing a important role in the childs life!!!!!!! just mean a woman HAVE NO MAN

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SuperGlo69 - 1 hour ago

GM Friends its been a long week and its Friday finallyπŸ€”πŸ’ƒπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€—

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