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MeAni - 2 hours ago

I admire people who choose to shine even after all the storms they have been through

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Jshari112 - 9 hours ago

Don't let social media fool you. No one is posting their failures.

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Only1me721 - 4 hours ago

Idk who needed to hear this but make this your last night crying, worrying, and stressing about that situation. God has already worked it out. ☺️

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cococutie82 - 1 hour ago

I see people getting older but ain't growing up πŸ€”

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OES2002 - 26 minutes ago

Lol my school messed up today and had my students Parents pissed off and upset. Why did they not inform them last week that I would be out with a broken ankle and that a Sub, would be filling in for me? My students Parents called me and they where like if we knew we could have been bringing you things and checking on you. I love my Special Educatio...

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OhSo_DOPE_Soul - 4 hours ago

It's ridiculous how many men come in your inbox asking what you taste like...πŸ™„ I taste like pepper spray and a razor blade with a hint of stun gun JACKASS! I can be as ignorant as I am intelligent... be careful!

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iwanturluv - 5 hours ago

I think it's sad when you have to tell your date, in a nice way, he's a tad too pretty to be my man.. I want to be the only one with arched eyebrows in the relationship πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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SunshineLuuv - 4 hours ago

If you only read and listen to trash, then no wonder why you remain angry, nasty, and bitter...

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chiraq4 - 10 hours ago

Dudes out here dressing like women and calling it swag, and sauce. Nah bruh that's sweet and sour sauce. I don't want that.

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something_new85 - 1 hour ago

Ever just set back and think... I love being black✊🏾

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OhSo_DOPE_Soul - 37 minutes ago

If it hurts more than it make you happy, it's time to take the lesson and leave. Fact is, no matter what you do, some folk won't love you the way you need them to. That's okay. Those people are only rehearsals for the real thing. Keep moving forward and stay open.

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Qkingy40 - 1 hour ago

I'm so happy I've outgrown award shows. And we even happier that I grew up watchin' real entertainers!

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Brierre1 - 7 hours ago

Graduation is set. November 2, 2018, then right into my Master's program. (Clinical Psychology) Baby Steps.

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simply_complex_24 - 2 hours ago

Watching American Ninja Warrior ... these courses are something else. Could you do it? 😏

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SuperGlo69 - 1 hour ago

Everyone can't be married and some people is better single than married.i was married a long time till a few yrs ago i tried to work it out but it was unworkable and uncomfortable towards the end.its easy as hell to get married and hard as hell to get a divorce so think twice and make sure you guys are ready for the big commitment..Anyone whose pla...

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NV_Princ3 - 2 hours ago

Don't let me hold the McDonalds bag in the car. I'm eating everybody's fries 🍟 but MINE πŸ™ƒ

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SexiiT2981 - 2 hours ago

Been interviewing like crazy 😜

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jae626 - 5 hours ago

When you like a flower you pluck it, but when you love a flower you water it daily...

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blkbutta01 - 5 hours ago

You might be the only reason a child comes to school everyday. #you'retherealmvp

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CC_78 - 1 hour ago

When you love someone you don't treat them bad. 🎀🎀🎀

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