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Nickki331 - 5 hours ago

President's Day is cancelled until we get one...

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staciana2 - 2 hours ago

Why will a black man walk pass a room full of black women to get to the only 2 white girls in the room? Is it the allure of "Forbidden Fruit."

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marvin334 - 5 hours ago

If you’re reading this... Never give up on yourself... You’re amazing.

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Queen4King_84 - 4 hours ago

never get so comfortable in pain that you forget that happiness is still an option.

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Tony21559 - 44 minutes ago

God’s grace, that comes through His Son, Jesus Christ, is always there for you in every situation in your life. God’s grace is there to help us overcome the sins we may struggle with. It is also there to help us through this life we live on this earth. God’s grace never leaves us.

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lisa2266 - 5 hours ago

So y’all know Obama was the only President. Everytime I speak on trump you punk ** black men wNt to talk about Obama. Trump is the same president who don’t give a ** about your ** just like the police.

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Rose2018 - 4 hours ago

My birthday was great today..

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archiearchie - 52 minutes ago

Have the black race notice that the other races are not really stepping in to help the black race out? Why can' t they strengthen us: (instead of feeding off us) like why don' t the different races go and support the black businesses? You see we need financial help by just looking at the news or driving through our neighborhoods.

SxySmartPretty1 - 4 hours ago

Forgive does not mean Forget!

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effortlessly_fly22 - 7 hours ago

I wish there was a way to remove all these fakes, frauds, and phonies way to many on this damn site.. like come now we know that's not you..yall gone end up getting hurt playin with these people

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ebonydoll803 - 4 hours ago

The Black Family the most envied relationship ever. Why? 👸🏿🤴🏿🦁👶🏾👶🏿✊🏿

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Ptah43 - 36 minutes ago

Some are quick to judge & put people in a box. That box you put someone in is your box, not theirs so don't get mad when they refuse to live in it.....👌

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mzbrittany1 - 7 minutes ago

You will never have to question if someone is really into you. If they are, the actions will show.People put in work for what they want!!!Good morning.

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sweet_black_kim - 4 hours ago

I will like to give a shout out to my mama for always being my biggest fan! Love ya mommy! ❤[Now I just gotta show her this message] lol!🙄

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Don1love - 6 hours ago

Kill ppl with kindness and will confuse them

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denson59 - 4 hours ago

​Presidents day is canceled...until we get one

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Raema71 - 14 hours ago

In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So, forgive often and love with all your heart. You may not get that chance again. Have an amazing day!!

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Severn - 1 hour ago

For all those who are taken, almost taken, taken for granted, taking a break, waiting to be taken and those who aren't taken seriously!! Hope you had a good Valentines day❤️

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sexy_shyjade - 11 hours ago

Me: 😒 listening to a guy complaining about women he encounters being fake. Guy: (finally asks) “What makes you a real woman?” Me: I was born with a **! 😉

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BK2NJSCORP40S - 9 hours ago

If you don't wanna post pictures cool but don't come on here getting mad because poeple won't converse with you!!!!

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