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MissJazzy239 - 1 hour ago

Oowee! I want to cry some kinda bad. Happy tears. I am fukkn done...Congrats to me. Finally done with school. Soon to be graduate🎓🎉🎊

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lyne302 - 3 hours ago

Empowered women know they will go in the direction of their most prominent thoughts. They understand that their thoughts create what they become so they’re careful what they think.

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Joy8888 - 2 hours ago

Life is short, smile while you have teeth 💁🏽‍♀️

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Two_Brown_Eyes - 4 hours ago

Don't Fall In Love With Someone Who Says The Right Things, Fall In Love With Someone Who Does The Right Things.

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OoSameerahoO - 2 hours ago

"The real Power of a Man is in the Size of the Smile, of the Woman sitting next to him." -Unknown-

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MzSupa_thick - 5 hours ago

If it's not meant for you, if it brings you no happiness, if you can't learn from it or earn from it, let that ** go. Peace over everything.

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sweet_black_kim - 7 hours ago

So rude to hold the door open for someone & he/she does not thank the person. Manners are truly diminishing.

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MzNiecyPoo - 2 hours ago

well its bout that time...about to give my pillow some head and my bed some ** 😂😂😴

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King_Wise_1 - 1 hour ago

In every urban city a large % of the displaced and/or homeless happen to be Black folks. I'm reminded of this whenever I see a group young Black children beaming with hope and enthusiasm without even realizing that a large percentage of them will join the displace and/or homeless population. It is good for them to hear "You can be whatever you want...

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caramel11368 - 51 minutes ago

Men love to be caretakers and “planners” for our families, but we also love a woman who can plan that life with us. We don't want to have to make every decision alone. We need a visionary, one who can see beyond today.

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TrueMist - 1 hour ago

When you’re in school studying let your child pull all nighters w you sometimes, let them turn the pages of your books ... kids today benefit from your studies but they don’t have the grit of what it takes to make it... they gotta see it all and it’s our job to show them.

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SupremeDivineEarth - 5 hours ago

You know you worked hard when you finally get to lay down and your whole body is tingling. #yeslawd! #Iearnedittoday

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lovesvision - 51 minutes ago

You make me smile. You make me proud. I'm happy just to know you. Now, let's sit and chat a awhile. I really want to know you. See this is my Hearts ambition. Let's take this journey and see where this will take us...😘💋

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EyesOnDaddy - 5 hours ago

Many men feel they don't measure up as a dad, mainly due to their economic location. Can I tell you, brother, you have something to offer that child - something even more valuable than dollars and cents!

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KindofBlackRob - 1 hour ago

People that are fresh out of marriage and/or a relationship, shouldn't be in any rush to get back into one. Unless, they already had someone on standby. I think that people should get themselves together before being in a relationship. Struggle love isn't cute.

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Financial_Services - 11 hours ago

Keep your personal business to yourself remember your “friend” got friends that you don’t ** with💯

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Ashley24ah - 6 hours ago

Power of prayer 🙏 is good good evening #bp

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FatGalSoSw33t - 8 hours ago

😊I Hope Everyone Had A Wonderful Day Today And Had Sexy Humps!!!😝😚Blows Kisses To The Single Men!!!😚

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Queen-febe - 8 hours ago

Death leaves a scar that no one can heal, but memories are something no one can steal.

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sterile - 6 hours ago

Everyone isn’t going to understand or support the things that God wants you to do.

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