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jae626 - 17 minutes ago

Let your heart be filled with love and positive energy...

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Blessed937 - 22 minutes ago

Ok listen there was a comment made on my profile about Catfish!! Let's get this clear I'm not catfish no body. The world is so ** up that a good guy cant find a friend on a site!!!

caramel11368 - 37 minutes ago

SMDH why you have to know who calling him why and How... All you really going to have is the man say BYE... #facts

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Blessed937 - 38 minutes ago

You it's hard to deal with a separation when you know you live by yourself. Especially you know your kids are living some where else. When you use to waking up in the same house as a family....

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lovesvision - 51 minutes ago

You make me smile. You make me proud. I'm happy just to know you. Now, let's sit and chat a awhile. I really want to know you. See this is my Hearts ambition. Let's take this journey and see where this will take us...😘💋

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caramel11368 - 51 minutes ago

Men love to be caretakers and “planners” for our families, but we also love a woman who can plan that life with us. We don't want to have to make every decision alone. We need a visionary, one who can see beyond today.

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Drewill29 - 54 minutes ago

wish I would've took my talent a little further ill probably be in the nba right now real **

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Vanessa272 - 54 minutes ago

Cannot sleep...anyone still up?

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OdYee - 57 minutes ago

Ha! never afraid to mack abad ** but rather a Good Women✅👰 Gang Gang!

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Mickey0775 - 1 hour ago

Went to bed right before 10 woke up at midnight and now I can't sleep. What in the world is wrong with sleepy as I was...smh

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TAN513 - 1 hour ago

Who up and why

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TANIKAsj - 1 hour ago

Let's keep each other company until we fall asleep...

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KindofBlackRob - 1 hour ago

People that are fresh out of marriage and/or a relationship, shouldn't be in any rush to get back into one. Unless, they already had someone on standby. I think that people should get themselves together before being in a relationship. Struggle love isn't cute.

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MissJazzy239 - 1 hour ago

Oowee! I want to cry some kinda bad. Happy tears. I am fukkn done...Congrats to me. Finally done with school. Soon to be graduate🎓🎉🎊

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dhward2001 - 1 hour ago

I always thought it was funny that people would get mad at you for spending your money how you wanted. Let's see I work and grind for mine while you have to beg for yours hmm ok let's see how that works out for you 😂😂

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103Dion - 1 hour ago

Fellas... When she fat as ** or look like she struggling in life, dont take her out to eat. Take her out to play pool or go for a walk. #Theyonlywannaeat

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Malakai700 - 1 hour ago


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Austin637 - 1 hour ago

To be single is a sin

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MizzMo72 - 1 hour ago

Note to self: Stop complaining. You live like a queen compared to some. You don't have all you want, but you definitely have all you need. YOU -ARE - BLESSED!

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Boo-4-u - 1 hour ago

Omg I had some of the best sex and head today lol..I told ole boy you gon get a girl addicted I can’t even describe how this man got me feeling..😂😂💦💦

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