rodjazz Happy Hump Day, y'all! Song of the Day: "Where I Wander" ( composed by Earl Klugh) (arranged by Bob James) as performed by Bob James and Earl Klugh. From 1982's TWO OF A KIND. HAVBD and SBT, Everyone! Love you all ??! - 15 hours ago add/view comments (1)

October 12
rodjazz A Wonderful Friday to you all! Song of the Day: "The Way Of The Pilgrim" (composed by Narada Michael Walden) as performed by The Mahavishnu Orchestra. From 1976's INNER WORLDS. HAVBD and SBT, Everyone! Love you all ??!  

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Male, 49, Cleveland, TN

Posted October 12

John McLaughlin on guitar/guitar synthesizer?, Stu Goldberg on keyboards ?: Ralphe Armstrong on bass: Narada Michael Walden on drums????.

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