michael115m20 Is love just a
two streams cascading down the mountainside Slowly picking up sediments along their way! So too are most lovers of today.Lovers searching aimlessly without any direction: Their hearts all exposed looking for affection:Searching with nothing to protect them! Driven, like all  lovers, searching for that happiness, Hurrying but hardly  giving the other a thought,

Thus achieving only heartbreak and sadness!

Think about being loved, it isn?t easy at all to me.

Finding that right person at just the right time,

Now that seems to be everybody?s dream.

So as I search on my journey of love to find you

I get side tracked by people I think are you,

Frustrated as I am searching for you!

So lonely and so sad not finding the true love of my life.

Am I destined to die without love or romance?

Is love just a lover?s fantasy within me
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