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July 12, 2018
Unico1 Any time we base our self-image on how we feel, we will run into problems because our feelings change. As long as we feel good, our self-image is good. When we begin to feel bad, however, our self-image plummets. We need to anchor our self-image on something that does not change. Where do we find it? When we become believers, we become new creations in Christ, recreated in His image. The image of Christ in us will never change. Although our outward appearance will change over time, Christ?s image in us will stay the same. #MylesMonroe#  

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Male, Age Private, Bowie, MD

Posted July 12, 2018

matters of the heart


Male, 34, Cincinnati, OH

Posted July 13, 2018



Male, 51, Jonesboro, GA

Posted August 02, 2018


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