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Happy Halloween from the BlackPlanet team!


We are so excited because our hard working design team just added some new gifts to help our members celebrate Halloween.


There’s a pumpkin, there’s some candy corn and there’s even a turkey if you want to start celebrating Thanksgiving now!


Many members have asked for more gifts especially gifts that reflect holidays and seasons. The Halloween gifts are just the first of many new gifts that we plan to add.


You can access the gift center from your friends list or from another member’s Contact Me widget. Click “Send a Gift” and the Gift Center will open. You will see a wide variety of gifts to choose from including our Halloween themed gifts.


Can’t find a gift you want to send? Reply to this post and let us know what we are missing. If we can make it happen, we will!


Thanks again for your suggestions and please keep them coming! We are here for you.

Announcing the BlackPlanet Universe!


Discover the Black Planet Universe!

Black Planet Members, welcome to the Black Planet Universe!


The Black Planet Universe is your new network of websites created, designed and published every day for you, the Black Planet Member!


Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work, and now we’re happy to debut original sites dedicated to:

Black entertainment…


Black women…


Black news…


Celebrity, Style & Culture…


 Each of the sites will feature the hottest new content, the best original interviews, and world exclusive videos. They will also provide all of the information, tools and services you demand from the best sites on the web.


Learn album release dates on TheUrbanDaily or the latest breaking Obama news on NewsOne. Catch the most scandalous paparazzi photos, or find out the latest, best beauty tips on Hello Beautiful.


And, best of all, your current Black Planet member name lets you comment and interact with all of the content on any site within the BP Universe!


Switch back and forth between everything you love on BP and our new sites all day!

So please let me know if you have any feedback or questions about our new offerings. I’m here to make this the best web experience you’ve ever had.


BP, we’ve always said “The World Is Yours,” well, guess what? Now, The Universe Is Yours!




Smokey D. Fontaine Chief Content Officer

Fake Comments


Have you noticed the annoying comments being left by your “friends” offering a Macy’s card, a dating hook up site or a secret crush?


Don’t believe the hype! These are fake, fake, fake! Do not click on them.


Help us get the word out about this.


Tell your friends to change their passwords because someone has access to their username and password and is logging into the site as them to leave these spam comments!


And while you are at it, you should also change your password. You can never be too careful! Click on the My Account link and then click on the Change Password link.


Thanks for your cooperation!

Welcome to the BlackPlanet Universe!


The Black Planet Universe is your new network of websites created, designed and published every day for you, the Black Planet Member!


BlackPlanet Universe members have access to the following sites: Up to the minute, comprehensive and quality coverage of newsworthy events in African American communities across the country. The eyes and ears for African Americans looking for what is hot online, on the airways and in the streets. African American women now have an online destination that speaks to the realities they face in today’s world. Celebrates urban music and culture with a modern approach. It’s loud, it’s sophisticated and it’s hot!


These great sites are all FREE! And once you register for one site your username and password gives you access to all of our sites, including, our community site that connects millions of people with the same interests.


So what are you waiting for? Go check out the new sites and tell us what you think!