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Site Update April 22,2009


It’s that time again!  Over the last month our development team has been working hard at making some site improvements.  We are thrilled that they have been able to complete so many site enhancements!

Personal Security Badge

We are pleased to introduce a new tool that will help prevent “phishing” or the illegal capture of your user name and passwords by spammers.  The tool is called the “personal security badge.”

A personal security badge is a tool that helps protect your personal information.  It is a unique identifier that you create.  After you create it you will see it on the login page every time you log into the site from your personal computer.  

If you are logging in from a public computer or someone else’s computer you will not see your personal security badge.

Creating a personal security badge is not mandatory but we recommend it.  It is another tool we have added to help reduce the amount of spam and we want all our members to help us fight the battle!

Spammers create fake pages that look like real BlackPlanet pages and they lure you into entering your username and password so they can log into your account and send spam.  This illegal practice is called Phishing and we are committed to helping our members avoid these scams.

After you create a Personal security badge you will always see it on the log in page of BlackPlanet.  When you see the badge you can be confident that you are not giving your personal information away.

Please let us know what you think about the changes.  As always, we are listening!

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