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  • April 18, 2008

  • Be On The Look Out for The Blueprint 3!!!!

  • What's good ladies and gentlemen Ya Boy H-O is about to drop a new album The Blueprint 3 and I want ya'll to tell me how u feel about that im gon also add a new track its called "Ain't I" let me know what ya'll think aight....ONE LOVE ya'll

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Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted March 06, 2010

HOV that sh*t rocks. I LOVE the whole album, its hot!!!!! Keep up the great job. ITS DA ROC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! Truly da greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!


Female, 30, Virginia Beach, VA

Posted January 17, 2010

Blueprint3 LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE IIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!! Star Is Born That's my sh*t Keep doin you Jay


Male, 43, Valdosta, GA

Posted December 12, 2009

once again it's on. u have givin us gangstas another classic 2 ride n smoke 2. very inspiring


Female, Age Private, Tucson, AZ

Posted November 01, 2009

Slow Yo' roll Jay, i ain't got all yo' %#&@$! yet Jigga!.....Gotta Get to Best Buy Inna mothu%#&@$!in


Male, Age Private, Falls Church, VA

Posted September 25, 2009

Yo holla at me when you come up to Penn State in a couple of weeks..Much love on your album..pC


Male, Age Private, Richmond, VA

Posted August 05, 2009

uuhuhuh H.O.V. THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE&DEAD SORRY BIG POPPA you still me favorite rapper, but jigga my nigga. bout time you put these dancing dudes to sleep!!!! and you did the unthinkable with D.O.A. my favorite song, I MIGHT JUST WEAR BLACK FOR A YEAR STRAIGHT,BRING BACK VERSACE SHADES, awww man the f-ing best ever S.CARTER


Male, 34, Tallahassee, FL

Posted June 27, 2009

Yep Yep Yes. Need I Say More?! Your single out now just got rap back to that place it should of been. Away from all that danceing %#&@$!. Keep doing ya thang.


Male, 56, Buffalo, NY

Posted May 16, 2009

Waddup Jay. I just have to tell u man. That joint P R AY? Is th HOTTEST song I have EVER heard (No Homo) But I cant stop playing it man. I Really think That joint should have been SONG OF THE YEAR MAN. kEEP tHAT FIRE bURNIN MAN!!!!!!!!


Female, Age Private, Temple Hills, MD

Posted May 06, 2009

Keep up the good work song is visious and i no the cd is gonna be off the hook been a fan since back when you 1st came out you are my #1 NY artist in the rap game.


Female, Age Private, Minneapolis, MN

Posted April 09, 2009

PLEASE BELIEVE IT!!! I will be one of the first to cop that album Jay! Alot has happend since your last album... can't wait to hear what you gotta say :)

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