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"The album "Hip Hop Is Dead" in stores NOW!!!"

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    November 27, 2006

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    April 20, 2007

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    Long Island City, NY

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    East Coast, Hip Hop, Rap

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    Erick Sermon, Gang Starr, Kool G Rap, Main Source, Marley Marl, Public Enemy, Rakim

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    Def Jam Records

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about the artist

>Born Nasir Jones, son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas dropped out of school in the eighth grade, trading classrooms for the streets of the rough Queensbridge projects, long fabled as the former stomping ground of Marley Marl and his Juice Crew as immortalized in "The Bridge." Despite dropping out of school, Nas developed a high degree of literacy that would later characterize his rhymes. At the same time, though, he delved into street culture and flirted with danger, such experiences similarly characterizing his rhymes. His synthesis of well-crafted rhetoric and street-glamorous imagery blossomed in 1991 when he connected with Main Source and laid down a fiery verse on "Live at the Barbeque" that earned him instant respect among the East Coast rap scene. Not long afterward, MC Serch of 3rd Bass approached Nas about contributing a track to the Zebrahead soundtrack. Serch was the soundtrack's executive producer and, like much of New York, had been impressed by "Live at the Barbeque." Nas submitted "Halftime," and the song so stunned Serch that he made it the soundtrack's leadoff track.
Heralded instantly as one of New York's leading rap voices, Nas expressed an outspoken, self-empowered swagger that rallied the streets of his city and elsewhere. Whether proclaiming himself "Nasty Nas" or "Nas Escobar" or "Nastradamus" or "God's Son," the self-appointed King of New York battled numerous adversaries for his position atop the epicenter of East Coast rap, none more noteworthy than Jay-Z, who vied with Nas for the vacated throne left in the wake of the Notorious B.I.G.'s 1997 assassination. Such headline-worthy drama informed Nas' provocative rhymes, which he delivered with both a masterful flow and a wise perspective over breathtaking beats by amazing producers: legends like DJ Premier, Large Professor, and Pete Rock; hitmakers like Trackmasters, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre; street favorites like Swizz Beatz, Megahertz, and the Alchemist; and personal favorites of his own like L.E.S., Salaam Remi, and Chucky Thompson. Nas likewise collaborated with some of the industry's leading video directors like Hype Williams and Chris Robinson, presenting singles like "Hate Me Now," "One Mic," and "I Can" with dramatic flair. Throughout all the ups (the acclaim, popularity, and success) and all the downs (the pressure, adversaries, and over-reaching), Nas continually matured as an artist, evolving from a young street disciple to a vain all-knowing sage to a humbled godly teacher. Such growth made every album release an event and prolonged his increasingly storied career to epic proportions.


April 07, 2007

Nas celebrates Nike's Air Force One with Kanye West, Rakim, KRS-One, and DJ Premier!

Check out Nas' tribute to Nike's world famous Air Force One sneaker which just celebrated it's 25th anniversary! "Classic," featuring Kanye West, Rakim, and KRS-One and remixed by DJ Premier is up now on Yahoo Music!

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January 13, 2007

Nas Shoots "Can't Forget About You" Video With Chrisette Michele!

NEW YORK ⿿ Nas has kept albums pretty spaced out for most of his career, but he's in such a zone right now that he doesn't want to waste any time. Not even a month after releasing Hip Hop Is Dead, the MC is planning to jump right back in the studio and release an LP sometime this year. "New album is in the making right now," Nas said Sunday night, sitting in his trailer outside the set of his new video for "Can't Forget About You." (Click here to see photos of Nas on the video's NYC set.) " '07, new Nas album, I can't wait. I'm not finished. I feel like something is starting right now. This is a momentum and a movement that's happening out here. I gotta make sure I stay the captain of this ship and push it forward. I'm here at Def Jam, I'm renaming it the Black Oasis. You bring Nas into any situation like the situation that's at Def Jam and you gonna get nothing but the top of the line. "Look," he continued after a long pause, grinning. "I'm sounding like I'm really feeling myself right now. But real talk, I'm really feeling myself again. '07, I'm gonna drop again and see what's really good with y'all out there. ... When it comes to this, man, sometimes when you're feeling it, you gotta just let it go." Even with a potential classic in his sights, Nas said he's far from done with his #1-debuting LP Hip Hop Is Dead (see "Nas Proves Hip-Hop Is Alive And Well With Third Career #1"). Ah, man, going into the year the way I went into the year was real good," he said. "The irony of a title like Hip Hop Is Dead being #1, what is that? That's what it's all about. At the end of the day, it's real big. It feels like a good time. I'm excited, I'm loving the rap game, the potential that it has to grow. A lot of people thought that because I was hating the state of the rap game, I was hating rappers. I don't hate. It's just that there were a lot of rappers that were corny. There's always going to be corny rappers. They didn't understand the message. People were not getting it. It's a slow process, but it's all good. We're going to keep grinding, keep giving them more, showing them more. This is a record that's going to take time. We gonna push it on them for the whole year. "With an album like this and a title like Hip Hop Is Dead, this is going to be a long burial," he continued. "You plant it, then maybe we could get some rain to fall, then you see stuff start sprouting and maybe get something reborn out here. But right now I'm at the funeral service, man. We got more material that's going to be showed to the world. I don't wanna stop this record. I usually fade out and not be a part of the scene ... but this one right here don't matter. I'm not even thinking about too much attention. I'm not thinking that. I'm thinking this one gotta play all the way out." Nas and Def Jam are talking about making videos for "Hustlers," which features the Game, or even his duet with Jay-Z, "Black Republicans." But for now, the track is "Can't Forget About You." He shot the video Saturday and Sunday with director Chris Robinson. On Sunday, God's Son wore a tuxedo and bowtie, recalling the days he was suited up on the regular with the Firm in his Nas Escobar phase. On Saturday, Nas had taken his look back even further to the It Was Written days. He was shot on top of a triple-decker bus that cruised through Manhattan, similar to how he glided through those same streets in the clip for "If I Ruled the World." "The concept of the video is [that] I put a lot of things on the map," he explained in his trailer, with friends like Swizz Beatz looking on. "Whether it's the pink-suit thing or the real dress-up look for the rappers. I been doing it for so long, and right now is a good moment in the '07. It's a good time to get that energy going." (for more) Check out's behind the scenes coverage from the set of Nas' brand new video, "Can't Forget About You" featuring Chrisette Michele!

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January 04, 2007

HIP HOP IS DEAD Debuts At #1

Nas' latest album, HIP HOP IS DEAD, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts last week selling over 355,000 copies!

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December 20, 2006

HIP HOP IS DEAD, In Stores Today!

NAS' HIP-HOP IS DEAD SPARKS HEATED DEBATE; THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR DROPS TODAY! PROMOTIONAL BLITZ CONTINUES AS NAS PREPS DEF JAM DEBUT THE CRITICS AGREE: GOD'S SON IS BACK IN TOP FORM "'Long live hip-hop' might as well be the subtitle of this sizzling manifesto from one of rap's most compelling and challenging there are artists willing and able to produce work this vital, there's no need to start making funeral arrangements." - USA TODAY "The impressive new album by the rapper meant to inspire a reaction, and so far it has...some rappers have responded to the charge.The new CD ⿿Hip-Hop Is Dead' is partly a lament for what we have lost...But here's the thing about Nas' old fashioned approach to hip-hop: It still works. Especially when you've got a smoky voice, a knack for packing syllables into tight rhyme schemes and access to sturdy backbeats by Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, and others. Fifteen years on, there's still nothing like hearing Nas assemble an intricate stanza."- NY Times "Nas is a writer, and he needs our attention. He needs us to read lines, between the lines, put it all together. He needs us to give a fuck about the art, the history, and the craft or we won't get what he's saying. Hip-hop isn't dying because Nas hates it; it's dying because not enough people love it...If you want to know what the best rapper alive really sounds like, listen to this album... Hip Hop Is Dead is the album I'll give to people in 20 years when they ask who Nas was." - Pitchfork "Hip-Hop Is Dead is the rap record of the year...he's reanimating hip-hop." - Time Out New York "Another masterfully crafted effort from rap legend Nas...A dozen years and eight albums later, Nas is indisputably one of the world's greatest rappers." - Entertainment Weekly Hip-hop just died this morning, and she's dead. She's dead. The now infamous refrain from Nas' latest anti-anthem has been causing quite a stir lately. As Nas has criss-crossed the country promoting today's release of his Def Jam Recordings debut Hip-Hop Is Dead, the debate has been all but inescapable. From radio jocks and deejays, to bloggers and the kids that stalk the online forums, to fellow artists and industry insiders, it seems everyone has an opinion on the subject, and Nas has been more than up to the challenge. "I'm just sitting back and enjoying this. I knew people would be upset over the title, and I'm glad," Nas recently told the New York Post. "Some rappers are cursing me, but there are a lot who are applauding me silently." In an interview with Pitchfork, Nas explained "Some people say it's bold. Some people say I'm saying what they wanna say. Some people don't agree. Some people are outraged. Some people want to see what the album is about." Perhaps the understatement of the year. Critics and fans alike have clamored over glimpses of Nas' latest opus in recent months, and following a leak of the entire album just two weeks ago, the buzz has become deafening. "...there's a fire in Nas' gut like no time in recent memory," claims Vibe. "Dead, buoyed by bold, startling production and a renewed lyrical vigor, makes one hell of a case for Nas' position statement...and is arguably the best thing Nas has done since 1996's It Was Written." Matching the fire in the music, Nas is been out promoting this album like no time in recent memory: from hosting listening events in markets like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more, to dropping by radio stations across the country, to a jaw-dropping sold-out performance with and an eight piece band on Jimmy Kimmell Live last week, a normally private Nas has been vocal, visible and energized. Last night in New York, Nas celebrated the release of Hip-Hop Is Dead with a secret show for Hot 97 at Webster Hall, a Hennessy-sponsored private dinner at Gin Lane, and a black tie blow-out at Capitale.

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December 18, 2006

Nas on 106 & Park Today!

Don⿿t miss Nas performing LIVE on BET⿿s 106&Park today, December 18th, at 6:00pm!!!

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Male, 34, Louisville, KY

Posted June 06, 2014



Male, 34, Brooklyn, NY

Posted September 09, 2011


Male, 34, Washington, DC

Posted July 05, 2011

REAL HIP HOP!!!!!!!!


Male, 36, Brentwood, NY

Posted April 16, 2011

ur my my favorite mc i always get into arguements with niggaz telling them ur the greatest mc of all time thats for keepin my pen& pad on point with your flow u always make the best come out of me


Female, 52, Bridgeport, CT

Posted January 29, 2011

you go nas, you go!!! hey thats the &^%$#! everything you do is it love!


Female, 42, Commerce City, CO

Posted October 23, 2010

hey nas love you every since i first saw you. i was hurt when you married kelis and not me but i forgive you i still hope one day i will get the chance to see meet you one on one love always fancyface gege


Male, 36, Nigeria

Posted August 07, 2010

hello hommie,my name is robinson from nigeria,you are my main man,wright from 19 century,you know what am saying, you are not only you.


Unspecified, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted July 12, 2010



Female, 43, Elk Grove, CA

Posted June 09, 2010

Hi I just seen you and Marley on the Monique Show and man did u shake the crowd and blew me off my couch to get a glass of wine and was dancing along indeed! Yea U did that go NAS!!!!!!!


Male, Age Private, Dover, DE

Posted June 01, 2010

that york %#&@$! tha, last one i coudn't say beata myself

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