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"The Greatest of all Time"

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PLEASE READ THE PAGE CAREFULLY: THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL PAGE ABOUT THE ARTIST PLEASE UTILIZE COMMENTS AND DO NOT SEND MAIL!!!!!!! As one of the few commercially viable artists one can truly call a veteran, LL has come a long way from his origins in St. Albans, Queens. From his early days of rapping in front of the mirror in his bedroom while The Sugar Hill Gang boomed from his radio, LL has always been determined to be a winner in the game. "I sent my demo to many different companies, but it was Def Jam where I found my home," says LL. At 33-years old, LL Cool J has received two Grammy Awards, penned his autobiography I Make My Own Rules and is the first rap artist to amass six consecutive platinum-plus selling albums and six gold singles. Beginning his career with the masterful 1985 debut album RADIO, which was the first Def Jam disc ever released, LL Cool J has refused to slow his roll. In addition to his music, LL has also made forays into the world of film and television. Yet, while he has appeared in seventeen films and one hit television series (the currently in syndication In the House), LL insists, "Doing films will never stop me from treating my music with the utmost respect. Just because people see me in films, doesn't mean that I'm not still trying to create hot joints in the studio." For 10, LL teams with old friends (The Trackmasters) and new buddies (The Neptunes) to create an album that can compete with any other beats on the streets. "I lived, breathed and slept this record. For me, it's all about taking risks. I'm not trying to rehash Bigger & Deffer or Mama Said Knock You Out. When a rapper starts repeating themselves, that's when they become stale." As fans and critics will soon hear, LL Cool J is as fresh as he ever was. While over the years LL has worked with a wide array of producers including Rick Rubin, Marley Marl and Puffy, he says, "Part of working with great producers, whether it's Trackmasters or The Neptunes, is finding people who can help me execute my vision as an artist." Spending two weeks in the studio with The Neptunes at their Virginia Beach compound, LL recalls, "Its always fun to work with people who are energetic and enthusiastic about their work. I was supposed to work with The Neptunes a few years ago, but because of time, it didn't fall in place. Maybe it just wasn't the time, but for 10 we made it work." Although LL is constantly writing rhymes in various notebooks, he confesses, "I do most of writing for record in the studio. I like being in the moment, writing in the zone as the beat bangs in my ears. From there, I just let the words fall where they fall." 'Imagine That' by LL Cool J
'Imagine That' by LL Cool J




LL Cool J is in the running to be cast in Park Avenue Ghost as a hip man who is haunted by a stuffy British ghost. Rupert Everett, who has appeared in a number of films, including 1997's My Best Friend's Wedding and 1998's Shakespeare In Love, is being considered to portray the ghost.

Last year, LL Cool J appeared in three movies: Any Given Sunday, In Too Deep, and Deep Blue Sea and can be currently seen in Kingdom Come and in the summer movie remake of Rollerball. As the rapper-actor explains, he had wanted to be a movie star all his life, but initially he was apprehensive about launching dual careers in music and film


October 21, 2008

LL Cool J Goes To Washington

 With Election Day (Nov. 4) only two weeks away, Mr. Smith has a few questions for the President in his new video, “Mr. President.”

LL recently premiered his controversial new video live on “Mr. President” the new release from his album, Exit 13, takes a poignant look at issues affecting America today with questions for the current and forthcoming President. The song is especially relevant at this time during the height of this historic 2008 election.

The “Mr. President” video was directed by LL Cool J and Ron Lakis and features LL and Wyclef Jean.

Click to watch the video

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Female, 49, Clarksdale, MS

Posted January 04, 2013

Dam you are sexy


Male, 30, Cleveland, OH

Posted November 11, 2012



Female, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted July 25, 2012


Male, Age Private, Santa Monica, CA

Posted December 12, 2011


Female, Age Private, Albany, NY

Posted September 27, 2011

Love your music and acting career. Stay blessed and don't do stress.


Male, 57, Washington, DC

Posted August 14, 2011

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Male, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted May 27, 2011

music on my page!


Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted March 31, 2011

Much Love LL.


Female, 40, Plano, TX

Posted March 24, 2011

I just love those lips....


Female, Age Private, Fuquay Varina, NC

Posted November 12, 2010

They always yelling Tupac, Biggie,,,,I think LL's the greatest because he's been out since 1985 almost each year! LONGTERM what I'm saying,,,love ya! & ALWAYZ seXy!

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