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TV value in the U.S. $49.95/month for 500+ channels of High Def TV?hundreds of on-demand movies, 80+ sports channels, live TV and network TV?the list goes on and on! Here are some interesting statistics regarding the ?Pay TV? market in the U.S. All told, 168.1 million U.S. consumers will watch streaming video via a connected TV device this year! Customer satisfaction surveys suggest that about 50% of customers are satisfied with their ?Pay TV? service. This means there are roughly 85 MILLION people in the U.S. that are dissatisfied with the current ?Pay TV Option? ?Why? the dissatisfaction? The average cable bill in the U.S. is $103.00/month. Add Netflix and/or Amazon, Hulu, etc. and now you?re looking at $125. or more for ?average programming?. ?Top of the Line? programming would cost $150.00/month, or more! Personally, I had to call DirecTV 13 months in a row to resolve billing issues. I finally became so frustrated, I called and cancelled my service! 13 MONTHS IN A ROW!!!! It was a nightmare? Now, all I do is pay my $49.95/month?no add-ons, no billing problems, no ?Special Offers? that end in 3 months?just $49.95 and I get the best Pay TV package in the industry! No need for ?add-ons? because they are already included in the package?HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime, 80+ sports channels, 18,000 on-demand movies and TV shows?just to name a few. Now, comes the good stuff! MONEY!!! As a TVizion member, you have 85 Million unhappy and dissatisfied people looking to change their ?Pay TV? provider and you can offer the best Pay TV package in the industry. Name another business that has an immediate ?prospect base? of more than 85 million? I don?t know of one?I have spent 30+ years in Sales and Sales Management. The dream of every salesperson is to be able to sell the best product at the lowest price?the ?product that sells itself?! Well, this is it!!! You have ?the best product at the lowest price?. You have found ?the one that sells itself? and to prove it, you can offer the product FREE of Charge to try for three days. How can anyone say ?NO?? This is a salesperson?s dream?and even if you have never sold anything in your life, the beauty of this product is ?it sells itself?! All you need to do is put the ?product? in front of people and they will buy it! Also, just because another 85 million people are ?somewhat satisfied? with their current Pay TV service it doesn?t mean they aren?t prospective customers. Remember, they are paying at least double the cost of TVizion and who doesn?t want to save money? Plus, by joining, they will have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars selling TVizion!! WIN!!! WIN!!!WIN!

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