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Introduction: The super wealthy in America and around the world have said that there are still avenues that have been explored and unexplored by individuals seeking financial gain and independence. The super wealthy do agree on one common theme, when it comes to gaining financial freedom and independence if given the simplest idea and if properly researched, organized, and implemented one can achieve its goal of financial freedom. The African American Business Network (AABN), has been established to cultivate ideas and information into a plan that can be used as a plan of operation for our own (African American) Economic Empowerment. Please join our group and read our announcement and forums.

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Hello My Brothers and Sisters,
I would like to inform you that we at the AABN believe the economy is in better shape and is doing good enough to begin our prep-to-start-up once again. We apologize for the long gap in communication, (we all felt the impact in some form of way),
However, we are all still in persuit of independent finanical freedom, yes? Good, I will be posting also at [], This is a personal blog for the AABN network to in-sure information is dispenced in more than one venue, please be sure to link in and link to follow because this is were our information on our business related topics will be posted also.
Once again, we are happy to re-connect with the network and are proud that we still want to come together for a common purpose.

Thank you

Admin, JStinn

P.S. Tell your people



Hello my Sister, Brothers, and BP Family
I am the owner of the AABN BP site and you are absolutely correct. My self and my team are working very hard and quickly to get our network up and going but there are lots of concerns we have to take our time with, we are not trying to make mistakes legally to project a illegal opportunity. So what we are asking every one of our AABN BP Members is to please be patient we are near completion on our website and our sign up page. The one thing we don⿿t need is for us as teams as a whole is to get impatient there are those that would seek to see us fail because this is a 100% African American owned business.

So there are some members wanting to know what the owner is doing, and saying there⿿s no activity on the site, well the owner sends out invites to BP to get the word out to the tune of 5500 invites, so our numbers are growing-slowly but surly, we are at 30% on our membership from just sending out invites on BP alone however there are over 600,000 BP members, and we⿿re also collecting data for our members as to what will work and what will not work when it comes to recruitment, as well as directing our team in the areas of the website development.
So although we are busy about business we have not forgotten about (US), I⿿m asking again please-please be patient.
Thank you

I love poetry and a wise poet once wrote "True success comes when you position yourself in the right place at the right time when opportunity presents itself⿿.
I believe the same applies in life also, weather it be a new love in your life, a promotion at the work place or some great achievement in your life. What do you believe?



The AABN is happy and proud to tell you (The Members) that an offical website is currently under construction we will keep you posted as to when the site will be ready for viewing. We would also like to thank you all for giving us Encouragment to keep moving forward, and we hope you are Encouraged to stay in it with us because what we do today and after is (For Us By Us).
Our URL will be www.africanamericanbusinessnet
Thanks again