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The country is obviously in the midst of an employment crises. I am sure that practically every one of us fit into one of two categories: you have either personally been affected by an employment crises or you know someone who has. I fit into BOTH categories. Professionally I am a Registered Nurse. Who would ever think I would lose my job to an LPN? That doesn⿿t typically happen. When a new company came on board July1, 2010, they came in saving $$$ big time⿦so there went my job. But guess what! No problem. Because I believe in multiple streams of income, financially I was fine. I MADE THE DECISION to take the entire summer off, and that is what I did. Your⿿e probably saying, there are plenty of nursing jobs. And you are right! But it was great being able to choose whether or not I wanted to go back to work right away or not. This experience simply solidified what I have known for years⿦WE MUST HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN. Some of us have had to learn that the hard way, unfortunately. But it is never to late to sit down and begin to DREAM. If you do not already have a DREAM, it is time to start exploring this concept. Find a ⿿vehicle⿿(DREAM) that will assist you in ⿿stabilizing your finances⿿. I have chosen a company called - as my vehicle. The CEO of this company went from a six-figure corporate job to unemployment and a late rent! Talk about a change in lifestyle. (If you would like to hear her testimony, shoot me a note and I will send you a link). If you do not have a DREAM or are interested in expanding your current dream, contact me at I have had many ⿿side hustles⿿, but have never had one that creates excitement like this one. The ladies and the men love this product! MEMBER ADVERTISING IS ALLOWED ONLY ON WEDNESDAY- IN THE AD THREAD INITIATED BY MODERATOR. ALL OTHER ADS WILL BE DELETED. THOSE WHO ABUSE THIS RULE WILL BE BANNED.

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