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Met February 2010, Spain Posted

We met of course on BP. In March I ws about to cancel my account because I got tired of the games but lo and behold I waited a couple more days. The second day of me keeping my account I clicked on his profile jus to see his picture because it was different from the rest. He mailed me and said hi and it started from there. We are in love and making future plans. We are in a serious relationship and we are inseparable. The word of God works for who works the word. We are one blessed couple.

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Female, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted October 20, 2010

Wow, thats awesome...Wishin you guys all the best!!


Male, Age Private, Nigeria

Posted October 28, 2010

It's very much possible & is working.
Wish u guys well


Female, Age Private, Watertown, NY

Posted November 16, 2010

Thank God for the both of you, your story has been a very inspiring one for me and i wish the both of you every success,


Male, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted December 24, 2010

Wow wish that will Happened to me I wish you all the both of luck


Female, Age Private, Staten Island, NY

Posted January 26, 2011

wow...wishing the both of you happiness in your life!!!


Male, 35, Brooklyn, NY

Posted February 01, 2011

that cool


Female, 38, Newark, NJ

Posted February 10, 2011

wow you guys look really happy together!!! God does have his own plans for us, wishing you the absolute best.