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    December 21, 1999

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    Norcross, GA

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    Native American, Other

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Wa Hotep Ila Antuten.
And Peace To You All.)

Ahlun(welcome) To The Sepat Of Aswud Utu...

Hotep Wa Istanjaay Ila Kull Nuwaubain-ee Hau!

A'LA A'GUL-EE (ON MY MIND)-: Reading, Ancient Languages And Sciences, Holistic Healing, Listening To Muzik, Writing Poetry Lyriks And Spoken Word,
Teaching Our National Language,
Nuwaubic, To The Children Of Nuwaubu.

Ab Kuwsh Teaching! Very Active Brother. Melaninite Children
WE Have Work To Do...So Many People
Still Blinded By The Light Of The Dunya.
Kaos Of The Kosmos...
Still Speaking In Adverse Tones,So
Far Out Of Tune With Aun(Nature)
I Am...
Student Of NUWAUBU (Wu.Nuwaubu), Under Our Noble One, En.Murdoq Son Of Enqi And Damkina. Also Known As Neter: A`aferti Atum-Re 720 In the Flesh As S.G.H. Amun-Nebu Ra-Akh Tah, Of The A.E.O.& A.N.O.M.S., A/K/A Tehuti,
And Reverend Dr. Malachi Z. York 33/720, And Maku(Chief): Black ThunderBird Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, S.G.M. Malachi Zodok York-El Of The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors.

Star Witness Against Sunnu Baba Bassa Africa-Noble Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El
Habiba Washington Tells It All.< F. What are mercy, forgiveness, and justice? MERCY is DEFERMENT OF JUSTICE until a later time. Then justice will fall upon the individual guilty one himself (or herself) or upon his or her seed or kind, because each and every one of a kind is one flesh and blood, for they sprang from the same ancestral tree or origin. FORGIVENESS is TEMPORARY TRANSFERMENT OF GUILT from the guilty one to the forgiver. However, forgiveness does not free the guilty from his or her wrong-doing because, according to the laws of Nature, the guilty one MUST ACCOUNT for his wrongness, personally, or the guilty one's seed or kind must do so. Forgiveness means to take the guilt of someone upon self, and thereby the forgiver becomes an accomplice of the guilty, therefore, his pen alty or punishment is the same as the guilty, but the forgiver's punishment comes before that of the guilty. But the punishment of the forgiver comes before that of the guilty, because the act of the forgiver is a temporary transferment of the guilt to himself, meaning, the punishment of the actual guilty one is deferred until later, since the forgiver has taken it upon himself However, [41] the innocent paying the price of the guilty does not satisfy the laws of justice, because the innocent did not commit the wrongness. The guilty one himself (or herself) must finally take the punishment of guilt in full, then the laws of justice are satisfied. Moreover, a person can not forgive another person for some wrongness the culprit did to a third party, for the only one who can truly forgive is the victim himself, because he or she is the one who suffered the hurt and harm, and the victim himself does not have the power of forgiveness unless he or she is in his or her right mind, and one can not be in his right mind unless he or she knows, accepts, and un-derstands right knowledge. A person has accepted right knowledge when he knows right knowledge and practices right knowledge. Right knowledge is UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE: Some Of My Favorite Books Are:
`The Holy Tablets`, `The Sacred Records Of Neter: A`aferti Atum-Re`, `The Sacred Records Of Tama-Re`,
`Let`s Set the Record Straight`, `The Man From Planet Rizq,
"The Science Of Healing`,
`The Secret Wisdom Of Tehuti",
...And Many More Inscribed By Our S.G.H.

Recently Read Books: PAA GADUSH LOWHAAT -The Holy Tablets AKA ( The Book of Laam ), BA SAFUN DAKRUNAAT SHIL NETER: A'AFERTI ATUM-RE -The Sacred Records Of Neter A'aferti Atum-Re AKA (The Black Book), The Book Of Coming Forth By Day(So-called Book Of The Dead).

I Also Enjoyed `Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization`,
And `African Holistic Health`(Imhotep Laila O. Afrika), `The
Third Eye`, &`Cave Of the Ancients`(both by Tuesday Lobsong Rampa).
I`m Looking 4ward to Reading The New Books/Scrolls Coming Out!!!

Muzik I`m Vibin` On Now:
Amunubi Ruakh Ptah 'Enter The Kosmos'...Everyone should have this..but most people don't.
Cocoa Tea 'Save Us Jah'...This Album is Really Nyce!
The Roots 'Game Theory' ...Another Instant Classic
Sizzla 'Soul Deep'...Sizzla Bun MORE FIYAH!

Ab Kuwsh and Hag Nawur 'Free Baba Afrika'....Nuwaubian Inter-Galactic Alkhami-kal transmission
May 8th Survivas 'May ANU have No Pitty'...
Fertile Ground 'Star People'...This Is a Beautiful song
'Cocoa Tea 'Stay Far'... ex.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewpro file&friendid=94717898 UUUN HUH TUA! FEM-I-NINE EN.UR.GI

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Does the Nuwaupian presence in Colorada have anything to do with the two terrifying twisters


I know it may seem spooked out to some, but for a people HU ares familiar with Nature working on our behalf when we move as we should, meaning one mind, one soul.NUwaupians have been in Colorade from August 25and until the 28th in a show of unity and determination to see justice.It reminds me of the Washington monument in 2000 which the Ancient Egiptian Order was invited to the inauguration. Remeber that hau??? The prayers in our language!Then exactly one week later, the Washington monument was... (continue reading)

Hekau-Words Of Power


Question Why Is Our Language so important?Answer For one reason, being that our language has letters andsounds not used in the dead language called english, when we use our naturaltones, we use parts of our brain that have not been developed. In thisway we bring LIFE back to those parts of our brains and help to openup the third eye or awaken the Sleeping Serpent, by vibratorystimulation. Thus chanting the Sacred Tone Aum is used for this same purpose. Holy Tablets Chapter 19 Tablet 6515651 In... (continue reading)

Ethiopian Liberation Information


NuwauPu Teaches that we must embrace a purpose and a plan, and we must develop the power to execute the purpose and plan. Idleness and ignorance must play no part in the plan. We must take the plan and pursue the purpose, The purpose must be mental and physical liberation from adverse forces. The plan must be in pirsuit of the purpose via The Right Knowledge, The Right Wisdom, And The Right Overstanding Because Right Knowledge through Right Reason Tells us what to do, when to do, where to do... (continue reading)

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