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 Every thought you release becomes a permanent part of your character Thoughts are things. Every thought you release- good or bad - is a form of energy that can affect those who receive it for better or worse. More important, your thoughts affect you. You become what you think about most. If you think about success, you condition your mind to seek success, and you attract large portions of it. Conversely, if you think about failure and despair, you will become miserable and desperate. To keep your mind on a positive track, the moment you begin to experience creeping negativism, make a conscious decision to eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with their positive counterparts.
Hey Young World...
In case you didn't know...
The World Is Yours!
Me: DJ WydeOpen!
Your Ears- Ill keep them: WydeOpen!
Your Heart & Soul- Ill get them: WydeOpen!
Your Mind- Ill blow it:
Allow me in your mind, soul, body & life and all 4 will be better for it.
How To Get The Most Out of this Page......


Leave It WydeOpen!



    Small doses. You can read a blog, watch a video and listen to the music in most my blogs in 5 -15 minutes. Read it over, form your opinion, research your facts if you so choose then...
    Participate by reading the comments others have left and leaving your own comments for others to read and agree or disagree with. If you want your voice to be heard...this is the place to speak and be WydeOpen. There are over 321,000 people who have visited my page so far so the audience is listening..

    Let me hip you to who I am. But 1st, let me say this....the ones who read this have my utmost respect. I'll explain why as I explain who I am.... The reason they call me WydeOpen is because that's how I live my life. I don't hold back what I feel, what I think. I am not a religious man. I am a spiritual creation though. That being the case I act accordingly. We can go for hours on this subject but I won't go there with you now. The one thing that I'll share with you now about being a spiritual creation is that I know that I am REAL as all of all of God's other creations so with that knowledge I must be and have no fear to keep it REAL and WydeOpen with all those I encounter. If I attempt to be false or anything other than what the Creator has manifested you will recognize and either run from me or attempt to misuse me. I'm a grown %#&@$! man and have NO TIME TO WASTE so I'm gonna keep it... WydeOpen!!

    Send song submissions to the following e-mail address
    Now back to the program.....

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    Better Than Average

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    Better Than Average!
    http://groups.blackplanet.com/ BTA

    Here's a little bit about me professionally...

    I am a DJ w/ over 20 years of experience with Hip-Hop & R&B! Ive worked in radio, dance clubs, gentlemens clubs and 100s of parties!

    Visit The 303 Network
    I'm in the process of starting an internet based magazine called
    and I'm work hard to make sure that everything I bring to you lives up to my name.

    Step #1 of that process is to give the people what they want:
    Im currently meeting & networking with the 1000?s of people here on BP and MySpace to find out what it is that YOU want from us!

    If I dropped you a note or requested to be added to your friends list it's because I saw something in your profile or your picture that I deemed -Better Than Average!- and would like to network or somehow involve you in the show! Give me a lil bit of love back if you too feel you are...

    Better Than Average!



    A little about me spiritually and mentally...

    I have the power necessary to obtain my definite major purpose through harnessing the tremendous potential in my mind and the knowledge I already have. My mind is sold on success and REFUSES to accept the possibility of failure! With that in mind, I budget my day-to-day endeavors so that they will lead to the attainment of my major purpose. EACH MOMENT IS MADE TO PROGRESS TOWARDS MY GOAL! The few, who like me have embarked on their journey, will recognize and want to aid a fellow traveler.
    To my daughter: Aijah Elaine! Your Daddy is a king so you know you are my Princess! Keep making me proud!


    And My Prince Jahai...Young Man the World is at your feet. I'll watch your every step as you make create mountains, valleys, oceans and rivers.

    Samoya...You recognize already the potential that the Creator has blessed you with. Show the worlds (both physical and spiritual) that you are a force to be reconed with and never compromise what you know is right in your spirit and my teachings. Success is only the next step away.

    Metcher....Be strong young man and the world is yours to mold. Follow my teachings and your spirit and always strive to make your parents proud and you will never fail.

    Emory...A warrior from conception. Choose your battles wisely and victory will never fail to submit to your will. The fire in your soul is the weapon that no man can conquer.


    Everyone who gets to know me is happier for doing so. If you choose not to, I won't fret it's your loss. I'm not conceited of full of myself, I just know I am a person that works to make the world a better place so that my legacy is one that is remembered fondly. When I die, I want a standing room only funeral.
    Don't forget to show me love and remember to always be Better Than Average!

(Keep it running in the background on another tab or in another window. That way you can listen to the music and take the blogs in in very, very,

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