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    March 01, 2009

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    San Diego, CA

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    Black/African American

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Maryanne D. Brown Campbell
Poet, Playwright, Author



Welcome to my page. My name is Maryanne D. Brown Campbell, author of "Serpentine Tongue" a 300 page book of poetry, plays, sketches and collages, and my latest book, "Food for the Soul", a 600 page book that intricately examines why 70% of black women are supposedly single. This book features recipes, poetry, statistics, quotes, articles, surveys and so much more. Discover what African American men and women love and hate about each other. Subject matter includes interracial relationships, why black women's attitudes are justified, sisterhood, the "B" word, love, stereotypes, commitmentphobia, beauty, Emotional Intelligence, lesbianism and homosexuality, and so much more.





Both books are available at, and Barnes & Noble. Direct Link: kstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid= 49033




To learn more about me, check out:




http://poeticmcblog.blogspot.c om gi-bin/show_member.cgi pbell inetongue mc e/SerpentineTongue /Maryanne-Campbell/1622455613






V olcanic  


O rgasms


L ava


U surping


P enetrating


T imeless


U niverses


O mnipotently


U shering


S ensuality




I Am Black But Comely Part I


Her heart doesn't cease to beat

To the silent rhythms she still hears

And we can only feel

Her ebony so surreal

Her mind is a monument

of her people

No need for a museum reveal, or

To be hoisted in a cathedral

She is a walking, talking piece of Art

That makes Mona Lisa look futile

Even Da Vince couldn't do her justice

She just is

Beauty inspiring

The multitudes to seek

Cuts and incisions so deep

They leave a scar on her majesty

What society continually mars and negates, and loathes and


of in


They continuously emulate

Berating her so intricately because they want to be

Her crux of beauty

With full thick hair

And derriere

Plumped lips

And darker skin

She is the magnetic attraction, with a beauty that never ends

Because it radiates from her spirit within

Just check her melanin

Her smooth, unwrinkled skin

Read the Songs of Solomon

That confirm she is:

"I am black, but comely,

I am beautiful..."



I Am Black But Comely Part II


She not only knows,

She's convinced and who

Would convince her otherwise

When her spirit

Embraces life and begets life

When her heart

Is an eternal source

When her mind

Creates and believes and knows

All that God has


When her eyes devour,

Comfort and discern

All that her voice can articulate

When her smile

Is the epicenter of the horizon

Inviting and ever warm

When her hands

Can heal, soothe and comfort

All that is not at rest

When her arms

Are the embrace of God or


When her feet

Have stumbled and have still

Gone on

When her voice

Can resonate songs

Deaf ears can hear

Like Angels Hark the Heralds

They who could convince her


Have never met her face

To face

Have never conversed with her

Have never met her acquaintance

Because to know her

Most beautiful soul

Is to love her

And to know yourself...


These poems were published in my second book "Food for the Soul", with several other poems, available at ; Barnes & Noble and by Maryanne D. Brown Campbell.

Something for the Fella's


My book, "Food for the Soul" offers insights into the life and psyche of black men, as revealed through statistics and direct quotes. Subjects include: the health risks and death rates of black men, black men and interracial marriage, the unemployment and prison rates associated with black men as well as higher education. Black men reveal what they absolutely love and hate about black women as well. And in this book, black women reveal what they love most and hate most about black men. All of these fine details and statistics can contest to and give deeper insights into the revelation as to why 70% of black women are supposedly single. The book is available at this direct link: kstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid= 49033

The Importance of Marriage in the Black Community


I'm all about reforming love and marriage in the black community. Did you know if black women did not reproduce outside of marriage, the black population would cease to exist? Did you know more black families existed in the slave days than exist today, which is hard to believe considering mothers were separated from their children and wives separated from their husbands on the auction block? Did you know children fare better within the realms of a family with a mother and father? Did you know black men and women fare better in a marriage than apart -financially, physically, mentally and spiritually? Did you know we (African Americans/blacks) have the lowest marriage rate of any racial group in the United States? Did you know black women are the least likely to marry in our society?


The proof is in the pudding!


Check out "Food for the Soul" available at this direct link: kstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid= 49033






The Benefits of Sex & Marriage

More and more studies are showing increased emotional and physical benefits from frequent safe sex. Research proves married people have more sex than those who are single, divorced, widowed or separated, and they have more varied sex. Also, shacking up or having a cohabiting partner CANNOT replicate the benefits of marriage. For more on the benefits of sex and marriage, check out my book "Food for the Soul" available at this direct link: kstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid= 49033

Some benefits of safe sex include the following:

Healthier teeth


Improves fitness level


Boosts self-esteem


Lowers mortality rates


Reduces risk of prostate cancer


Improves digestion


Helps memory


Reduces depression


Lessens frequency of colds and flu



Embrace black love!!! Buy your copy of "Food for the Soul" here: kstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid= 49033

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