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    September 04, 2003

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Been here Long enough

NAME: Brian

Race: African American

American Indian

Latin American

Age: Take A Guess

Sign: Gemini II

From: Philly Philly Philly is where I am from!

Now I am In Maryland.

STATUS: Single

SEX: 100% Man

GENDER: Heterosexual = 100% MAN 4 WOMEN ONLY!!!


JOB INDUSTRY: Government

COLLEGE: Coppin St Col

Old Dominion University


Poetry, Urban Arts, Photography, Culture

Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Comedy, Health

Entertainment, Current Events, Business

Politics, Technology, Film / Movies, Church

Football, Basketball, Bowling, Swimming, Bowling

Jazz/Blues, Hip Hop/Rap, Caribbean/Reggae

R&B, Baltimore Club, Old School Jams

"Welcome to the Python`s Lair"

"This Page Is Under Construction"

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Poems will be posted soon!

NowPlaying:Chico DeBarge & Joe - No Guarantee



My erotic illusions
are actual prognostications,
A revelation forged by edification
of my soon to be with you
freaky intimate mental declarations,
Though I gave no indication
of my lyrical adaptation,
Just for you in this poem,
I will exercise thru this demonstration,
Bringing illumination
to all those in adumbration,
Still stuck with flaccid lovers
who are emotionless
filled with constipated word deliberation,
What you feel from me

is no misconception,
This I do is beyond copesthetic,
Sensually Sanctioned...
Deliciously Designated...
A Licentious Love...
That stands the test of time
throughout duration,
This you hold inside
will always stay true
a microcosmic continuation
of all existence,
Cause to deny it
is to deny me,
Along with all of my mental orgasms
that creates between your legs
the wetness you feel & see,
Which in the end
won t allow you to let me be,
So poetically

I await your next interpretation....

Caramelpython 2003


"I Write"

My pain is as plain 2 see

as the rain that falls on the plain in spain
But the Pain in my brain is harder 2 see than my name
Or this game that causes me to suffer like any other brother
but my pain is only owned by this brother and none other

So I Write
I write in my book as the poem goes
I write in only ways that a poet knows!

I suffer but only my book shows the scars
I write like a rapper over 16bars.
I write and my book seems to take on my physical form,
The binder seems to breath and my pages feel warm.
This pen transforms while in my hand,
I blink and reopenmy eyes as thetattoo man!


So I write andtransform my body into a work of art,
Allowing my brain to explain my pain in each part.

I write circles and squares,
Plus faces of pleasure and dispair.
Zig Zags and wings,
Of angels and things.
Chineese sayings
And clasped hands praying.

I write all of this while in my trance
I write while my pen does this dance.

My pain leaves theese scars that we call art,
My pain is fuled by this heavy heart

So I Write

I write only as a poet knows how
I write only as a poet knows how
I write only as a poet knows how

I write!

So tell me....

Can You Feel Me Now?

(c)Caramelpython 2003


I will write you a love poem.

I will give you all the passion of a single moments embrace in the sunlight,
under some lush and gently moving ivy overhang.

Would this please you?
Would you then know that I am yours?

Would you believe these words in all their compromising positions?

Words strung so beautifully before your lips,
in scents of vanilla and sweet just for you?
All for you? Because of you?
Only for you?
And would you then know that I am serious?
That I am a poet?

That I believe in the juice of poetry.
Would you believe that you can find love in the simplest parts of me?
Find it unbathed and luscious before the coming up of a single ray of morning.
Yes, this is your love poem,
swelling of romance,letter by resonating letter.
You should know by this that I am yours,
I am all yours,
(c)Caramelpython 2002

"Opportunity Knocks Only Once, Temptation leans On The Doorbell."

"There Are No Perfect Men In This World, Only Perfect Intentions."

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