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    April 12, 2000

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Nashville, TN

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    Black/African American


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Getting to Know Me.

I am the same as you.

This is what makes me unique.

I have climbed the same mountains

and met you at their peaks.

I have been both protestant and prostitute.

Been borrower, beggar, lender, and thief.

I lived your every impulse.

This is what makes me unique.

I have loved with the purest deception

And lied with great honesty.

I have caressed the soul of a woman

And bent it to suit the will of me.

I have confessed your every sin,

This is what makes me unique.

I have given my heart to many,

Who have dissected and divided it against itself.

I have taken the hearts of women

And assured there'd be no one else.

I have exhausted your every possibility,

That is what makes me unique.

I have lived amongst the wealthy,

With the stench of poverty on my breath.

I have enjoyed the greatest notoriety,

And no one knew my name.

I have apologized for your every wrongdoing,

That is what makes me unique.

Do you feel like you know me now?

You should? I am you and everyone you know.

What makes you unique?

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